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Hi, I'm Clucky!

The fun has arrived! My name is Clucky and I’m here to say, I have lots of energy every day. I like to rhyme some of the time. Anyone want to go on an adventure? We could pretend we are dinosaurs hunting for our dinner. You know chickens are direct descendants of Dinosaurs. The Tyrannosaurs-Rex is like my distant cousin.

If I ever met a T-Rex, I’d be like Hey CUZ! What’s up? How’s the weather up there?

I wish I was as big as a T-Rex. I also wish I had teeth!

You see I am a Rooster and I only have a beak. Now don’t get me wrong it is a super strong beak and I can peck through wood if I want to. Trust me you don’t want to get between me and my beak. But man, having a mouth full of super sharp teeth would be AWESOME!

However, I would not want to have T-Rex arms. I am very fond of my beautiful wings and feathers. I may not be able to fly far but man can I create a nice fan to cool off on a hot day.

I also have a rocking comb that my cousin T-Rex would envy. In fact it drives all the hens wild. They are like, “Oh Clucky I love you comb! It’s so tall.”

What is a comb?! Seriously? You don’t know? Well it is my red spiky skin of awesomeness! It does make me stand out in a crowd but I love that!

The boy who raised me and feeds me is named Xander. He brought me home from the farm store when I was just a little fluff ball. He has taught me taekwondo and made me a member of the ADHD club!

What’s the ADHD club?! It is a special group known as the Amazingly Determined Helpful Dudes club! All critters are welcome!

Now that you know a little more about me, Join me on my next adventure with Kitten!

...and I'm Kitten!

Hi I’m Kitten, well Kitten Adaline Daniels but everyone just calls me Kitten.  I am grey with pointy ears, a pink nose and a white heart shaped patch of fur on my chest. I also have a long bushy grey tail that kinda looks like a squirrels’ tail. The girl who feeds me is named Maddox and she is just the best!  She adopted me from the humane society when I was just a little kitten… well smaller than I am now.  I did not like it there, there were so many other cats and they meowed all the time. And the dogs barked all the time!   It was so noisy, yet I was all alone in my cold cage.  When Maddox brought me home she had a nice soft bed for me here in the shed next to my best friend Clucky.  Well… he was not my best friend at first but he quickly became it. 

One of my favorite things to do is to lounge next to Maddox as she reads.  That girl reads A LOT.  At first I would just let her pet me as she sat in her favorite chair.  But I’m a kitten after all and I would sometimes get tired of lounging.  I started to play with Maddox’s hair as it is really long, I would bat it with my paws and try and catch it with my teeth.  Most of the time Maddox does not like that as it distracts her from reading.  So one day I decided to take a closer look at what she was doing.  The book she happened to be reading was Garfield and I was hooked instantly!  Man that is one funny fat cat!  After that I was hooked on books!  I like to lay in Maddox’s lap and read alongside her.  Sometimes I also perch on her shoulder and read there too.  She reads books about everything.  Did you know that the shape of your hair follicle determines if you have straight, wavy, or curly hair?  A hair follicle is the deep narrow shaft your hair grows out of.  They can be round, semi-oval and flat-oval.  This shape controls what your hair looks like.  If you have round follicles you will have straight hair, if you have Semi-oval follicles you will have wavy and you guessed it flat-oval gives you curly.  What can I say, Maddox is really into human biology at the moment. 

Unfortunately, Maddox has school most days so I have a lot of my own time.  I have a cozy little bed in the shed next to the chicken coup.  I am an outdoor cat, well not exactly outdoor as I do have my own shed…it has everything a Kitten could want.  I have a cozy bed, a cat tree to climb and sharpen my nails on and I have super fun neighbors.   Now most people think that kittens and chickens cannot get along.  Well that is simply not true.  You all heard how we met so you know it was not an instant friendship but after Clucky got over his suspicions.  We were all good.  He also likes to read with the boy who feeds him, Xander. 

Oh I love shiny things and can easily become distracted.  There are so many shiny things in nature, like to morning dew shining in the sunlight, the sun reflecting off the water in a pond or raindrops on the trees. Look around you and see how many shiny things you can spot.  You can call into our show line and tell me the shiny things you have found!  I look forward to hearing them! 

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