About Us

Starting the adventure

This idea came about during the start of the pandemic. There was a podcast that my kids and I listened to that only had 6 episodes. 

We have heard those 6 episodes more times than I can count. When we were on lockdown we talked about creating a podcast about Kitten and Clucky. 

My daughter has wanted a cat since she was born and my son has an unexplained love of chickens. In our home in Florida, we were not able to have these pets so we came up with this podcast idea to imagine the life they would have. We have big plans for the lives of these characters. Subscribe to our show so you don’t miss a thing! 



We hope that our podcast can help bring a smile to your face every time you listen.


Our goal is not only to bring you joy but also help educate our your listeners about the wonders all around.


Everything starts with an idea. We want to inspire our listeners to have the confidence to pursue their ideas just like we are doing with our fun show.

What Are You
Bawking About?

Be featured on our Podcast! Ask a question to a character, tell us a joke or share a fun fact.